Why Us?

Urban Massage & Wellness is St. Albert’s highest rated massage clinic. We’re proud to know that our clients feel as great about us as we do about them! Our clinic offers clients relief, comfort, and hope. You can come to us with pain and discomfort and leave feeling refreshed, relaxed, and energetic. Our therapists live for the moments when we can help a client overcome a health challenge, injury, or condition they previously considered permanent. We’re motivated by your successes, whether it’s in health, sports, daily life, physical fitness, mental well-being, or mobility.

We’re Giving You Permission to Make Time for You!

Regular self-care helps you do more of what you love. No matter what your lifestyle looks like, your daily grind adds stress to your body. It builds up over time and impacts everything from your mood to your mobility. That can take you away from the hobbies, activities, and people you love most, and that’s never ideal. Many people feel guilty at the thought of having regular massages, but we know from talking to our ongoing clients that it’s not a luxury; it’s a necessity if you want to live the most healthy, productive life possible. Choosing to look after your body in a relaxing and rewarding way shouldn’t make you feel guilty. So, if you needed to hear it, here it is: you have permission to treat your body right!

What you can expect

We’re thrilled that so many of our clients return on a regular basis for massage therapy and other treatments. We believe that it’s because we set extremely high standards and live up to them each and every time you come in. If it’s your first time booking with Urban Massage & Wellness, here’s what you can expect:

Comfortable Experiences

At Urban Massage & Wellness, we know that your comfort starts from the second you walk through the doors. We’ve worked hard to create a peaceful environment that promotes relaxation through all the senses. The aromas, lighting, sounds, feel of the linens and lotions, and emotional presence of the therapists combine with our techniques, experience, and professionalism to create an ideal massage therapy experience.

Coordinated Care

As qualified health care providers, we put your well-being before everything else. That means we’ve chosen to work as a united team in your treatment plan so you can get the best possible results. If your therapist thinks you could benefit from another treatment type or therapist in our clinic, he or she will be more than happy to refer you to that person. Either way, you’ll get the same great level of care throughout our clinic.

Straightforward Booking

Thanks to the internet, you can book your appointment from virtually anywhere, and at any time. Whether it’s midnight on a Sunday and your back is sore, or you’re stuck in a tough meeting at work that’s stressing you out, you can always head to our easy online booking system on our website. Choose the date and time and therapist that works for you and then take a deep breath – your massage is not far away!

Affordable & Simple Payment Options

Our Registered Massage Therapists know how essential massage therapy is for your ongoing health, which is why they believe it should be accessible to anyone. We strive to offer competitive prices for massage services in St. Albert so you can enjoy the full benefits of regular therapy and an ongoing treatment plan personalized for your needs. Our clinic also offers direct billing through many of the major insurance and benefits providers.

Modalities for Whole-Body Wellness

We provide unique therapeutic treatments designed for your specific needs. As a multi-disciplinary clinic, our clients have the opportunity to seamlessly transition between treatments. Some of the most popular treatments we offer include manual osteopathy, relaxation massage, therapeutic massage, deep tissue massage, hot stone massage, pregnancy massage, myofascial cupping & infrared sauna therapy.

Qualified Registered Massage Therapists

All RMTs are massage therapists, but not all massage therapists are RMTs. What’s the difference? Going to a Registered Massage Therapist means you’ll get the benefits of expert-led training, as well as over 2200 hours of experience. Many of our therapists are also cross-trained in other highly sought-after modalities, from manual osteopathy to fascial stretch release. Head to our team page to find your best fit with a therapist.

Completely Personalized Care

It’s always our intention to offer relaxing, energizing, and effective therapies, while remaining respectful of personal boundaries for clients and therapists. Every person comes in with specific personal goals, both emotional & physical. In turn, our goal is to understand what those goals are and how we can provide pain relief, relaxation, and a feeling of increased well-being during treatments and follow-ups.

A Convenient St. Albert Location

Urban Massage & Wellness Inc. is conveniently located off of St. Albert Trail & Bellerose Drive so we can serve all of St. Albert and the surrounding areas. Although many of our clients are local, some even drive from north or west Edmonton for their favourite treatments or therapists. Our private clinic is completely closed off in a professional setting with plenty of free parking, so you’ll never feel uncomfortable or rushed when you come in.

Come as You Are

Come as You Are At Urban Massage & Wellness, our therapists understand the ups and downs of life and the challenges many people face in their daily lives. Not only will we treat your information with complete confidentiality and sensitivity, but we can do our best to help you through whatever stressful situations life has thrown your way. One of the many benefits of massage is the emotional release that can be achieved through the physical release of tension in the body. If you’re struggling to deal with loss, grief, depression, anxiety, or mental illness, massage therapy could be a great addition to your treatment plan. Feel free to reach out to discuss your treatment goals with our therapists. We’re always happy to work alongside your other health care providers to give you the best possible care.

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