What Type of Massage to Book for Tendonitis

Anyone who has played sports or has a job that requires repetitive movements is at a higher risk of developing tendonitis. It can start as stiffness in your joints or pain as you repeat a certain movement. The pain can be accompanied by redness or swelling and can feel as if your tissues are crackling when you move them. You’ll know that you’ve injured yourself, but you might not know right away that you have tendonitis. 

The injury is commonly mistaken for symptoms of arthritis or joint pain. Seeing a professional to help you understand the nature of your injury is the first step to treating your symptoms. Once you know you have tendonitis, you can then pursue treatments, such as physical therapy, red light therapy, and massage treatments specifically tailored to tendonitis symptoms. 

What Is Tendonitis?

Our tendons are made of cord-like tissues that connect our muscles to our bones. When a tendon is inflamed and swollen, the condition is called tendonitis. The inflammation and swelling can cause discomfort, pain, and limited range of motion, which is why it is commonly confused with arthritis. 

What Causes Tendonitis?

A tendon becomes inflamed when it is overused, has been injured, or is a result of other health conditions, including rheumatoid arthritis or diabetes. Repetitive motion from regular tasks or work can lead to tendonitis. Sports and physical activity can also lead to tendonitis. You’ve likely heard of several sports that are closely associated with tendonitis because of the nicknames for the condition, such as tennis elbow, golfer’s elbow, swimmer’s shoulder, and jumper’s knee. 

How to Manage Tendonitis

The good thing about tendonitis is that the condition can heal. There are several options for treatment that work well together to reduce inflammation and stress to your tendons and help you regain motion and strength. If you think you have tendonitis, these are some steps you can take to relieve the pain: 

  • Ice application
  • Rest
  • Massage therapy
  • Red light therapy
  • Physical therapy
  • Stretching

The Best Types of Massage for Tendonitis

When you’re suffering from tendonitis pain, you might be wondering if there is a specific tendonitis massage treatment. The best type of massage for your tendon pain will depend on the cause and location of your tendonitis. For example, Achilles tendon injuries are quite common in athletes, while elbow tendonitis is a common injury for both athletes and professionals who perform repetitive movements for work. Luckily, we have several treatments that work well for those suffering from the discomfort or pain caused by tendonitis. 

Deep Tissue Massage

When you have tight, sore muscles and overworked tendons, deep-tissue massage can offer long-lasting relief and faster healing. This massage technique reaches the deep tissues in your body to smooth out knots in your muscles and smooth the surrounding tissues. If you’re taking a pause from an activity, deep tissue massage can help you heal and get back to that activity sooner. 

Sports Massage

Sports massage treatment works well for physically active people with tendonitis and other sports injuries. Whether you swim, run, jump, play golf or tennis, or have an impact injury, sports massage therapy can be tailored to the area you need treatment the most to help reduce swelling and break up scar tissue. Scheduling appointments for sports massage therapy along with a range of motion exercises and light stretching can help you recover from your injury in less time. 

Other Ways to Manage Your Tendonitis

In addition to massage therapy treatment, there are other treatment options that can help heal your tendonitis, including in-clinic appointments and at-home activities. 

Red Light Therapy

There are several health benefits to red light therapy, a type of photodynamic therapy, including helping in the recovery from tendonitis. Red light therapy helps provide your cells with an energy boost that supports immunity and healing. Inflammation, joint pain, and muscle tension are all symptoms that red light therapy helps to treat. This non-invasive, non-toxic treatment leaves you feeling relaxed and rejuvenated while giving your cells the healing boost they need. 

Physical Therapy

Once your inflammation reduces, physical therapy can provide you with stretching and exercise recommendations that will strengthen your tendons and surrounding muscles without applying too much stress. Physical therapy appointments and at-home techniques will help you return to your normal routine sooner (and if you need a referral to a physical therapist in St. Albert, we’re happy to help!)

Strength Building

Once your pain and inflammation are reduced, you’ll need to build strength back up in your muscles and joints. Light strength-building activities can help you restore your capacity for physical activity and help prevent tendonitis from reappearing. 

How to Prevent Tendonitis

Since tendonitis is primarily caused by overuse and injury due to sports or routine activities, the best way to prevent tendonitis is to address the causes. 

Mix Up Your Activities

Do you play sports on a regular basis? Make sure to ease up on the activity when you’re feeling pain and discomfort. Switching between different sports is a great way to stay active while taking pressure off of particular joints or muscles. 

Stretching and Strength Training

Stretching after exercise relieves tension in your muscles and tendons and helps prevent injuries. Building strength in your body can also support your muscles and make work easier for your tendons, reducing the potential to strain or injure them. Even if you’re a recreational athlete, keeping your body prepared for movement helps reduce all types of injuries. 

Work with a Professional

Learning new techniques to play your sport safely can also make a difference. Consider hiring a professional coach to show you safe movements for your activity. You may be using a specific technique that is causing your injury. Mixing your activities can also help relieve stress on your tendons with different motions. 

Massage Therapy for Tendonitis in St. Albert

When you’re in need of an Achilles tendon massage or a tennis elbow massage, our registered massage therapists are here to help. Call our St. Albert massage clinic or book online for a massage therapy appointment paired with red light therapy for the best effects. You’ll find relief from your tendonitis pain and get back to living your life sooner. 

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