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TMJ Massage

TMD (temporomandibular disorder) is a common source of musculoskeletal pain that is usually present in adults aged 20-40. The pain and discomfort caused by TMD can be difficult to handle, and may even affect your daily life if it’s severe enough. Eating, speaking, and sleeping can become difficult when you suffer from jaw pain, headaches, and tooth pain associated with TMD. However, it is possible to reduce pain and other symptoms of TMD through TMJ massage, which targets several of the main muscles of the face and jaw.

Massage has been found to be an extremely effective way to treat the symptoms of TMD. TMJ massage has become more and more popular as a treatment for TMD, thanks to its efficacy in relieving pain and other troublesome symptoms. Urban Massage & Wellness offers comprehensive TMJ massages to alleviate the pain, tension, and discomfort of these disorders.

What is TMJ/TMD?

TMJ stands for “temporomandibular joint”. You have two of these joints, one on either side of your face, and they connect your lower jaw to your skull. They act like hinges that help you with movements like talking and chewing.

Temporomandibular disorders, or TMD, are disorders of these joints or the associated nerves and jaw muscles. These disorders have several different causes, ranging from jaw injuries to arthritis to nighttime teeth grinding, so they can be difficult to properly diagnose. TMD can cause chronic facial pain, tenderness in the TMJ, and difficulty moving your jaw. TMD usually affects one side of your jaw more than the other, or it might only affect one side.

TMD is most commonly found in patients aged 20-40 and is more common in women than in men. About a third of the population experiences at least one symptom of TMD.

The Benefits of TMJ Massage

Relieve Pain and Discomfort

TMJ disorders are often painful and uncomfortable. Your regular day-to-day life may even be disrupted by TMD symptoms if they’re severe enough, affecting simple actions such as eating and speaking. TMJ massages are designed to provide long-lasting relief from these symptoms so that you can get back to leading a happy, healthy life.

Alleviate Tension

Many people who suffer from TMD struggle with tension in their jaw. This tension limits how far your mouth can open and makes it difficult to perform basic actions like talking and chewing. TMJ massages relax the muscles in and around the jaw, alleviating tension and allowing the jaw to perform its regular functions with ease.

What is TMJ Massage?

How the Treatment Works 

Your massage therapist will begin the massage by releasing tension from areas connected to your jaw muscles. This includes your upper back, shoulders, collarbone, and neck. Once the extra-oral section is done, the therapist will put on gloves and begin the intra-oral section. They will massage the inside of your mouth, including your cheeks and the area under your tongue. Both extra- and intra-oral massages focus on trigger points to ensure effective pain relief.

During the Appointment 

Before the massage starts, your massage therapist will talk to you about your symptoms and perform a brief assessment of your jaw. This process includes an observation of the pain location, opening patterns, deviations, and protrusions. Your therapist may also take some measurements, including a measurement of how far you can comfortably open your jaw. All of this helps your therapist identify and target areas with the most tension and joint pain.

After determining your needs, the therapist will begin extra-oral treatment, which may involve massaging areas around the jaw, cheeks, neck, and collarbone. Once the extra-oral part of the session is complete, they will begin the intra-oral massage (a portion of the massage done from inside the mouth). Your therapist will clean their hands, wear gloves, and ask for your consent before commencing the intra-oral massage.

Enjoy Long-Lasting Pain Relief

Pain or discomfort caused by TMD can affect your day-to-day routine and harm your quality of life. At Urban Massage & Wellness, we offer TMJ massages to effectively relieve pain and other symptoms of TMJ disorders. We want you to experience life without pain, and our TMJ massages are designed to help you do just that.

What You Should Know Before You Book an Appointment  

How to Prepare

You don’t need to do much to prepare for your session. If you have booked a 30-minute TMJ massage, you will not need to remove any clothing since it focuses on the mouth, face, and neck; however, if you have booked at 60-minute massage, you can undress to your comfort as your RMT will massage other parts of the body as well.

Safety and Risks

TMJ massage is a low-risk treatment. However, you should always discuss pre-existing health conditions or circumstances with your massage therapist. If you have recently had dental surgery, we ask that you wait until your mouth is fully healed to book a TMJ massage.

Enjoy a TMJ Massage during a Full-body Massage Service

Though single sessions can be booked for TMJ massages, they can also be enjoyed alongside another one of Urban Massage & Wellness’s massage services if your massage therapist is trained to treat TMJ with massage therapy. Because TMJ-focused massages are 20-30 minutes in length, we recommend booking a 60 or 90-minute TMJ massage service if you would like to enjoy a full-body relaxation or deep tissue massage as well!

Post-Session Massage Techniques

Your therapist will also walk you through some stretches and massage techniques you can use at home to relieve TMJ tension. For example, massaging your masseter muscles (the muscles located directly behind your molars and below your cheekbones) by applying gentle pressure with two or three fingers and moving them down the jaw as you open the jaw joints can be a great way to relieve pressure at home. Be sure to perform self-massages like this regularly following your appointment.

TMJ Massage FAQs

Is a TMJ massage its own service?

Yes, you can book a massage session that focuses solely on treating TMJ! At Urban Massage and Wellness, we have practitioners on staff who have specialized training in TMJ massage therapy. You can meet our team on our About Page or select one of our TMJ massage therapists when you book your appointment online.

What are TMJ trigger points?

In order to provide effective pain relief, massage therapists focus on “trigger points”, which are tense or sore spots in your muscles. When pressed, these points radiate pain to the rest of the muscle or elsewhere in the body. There are several trigger points connected to the TMJ, including the masseter (a muscle extending from your cheekbone to your jaw) and several muscles in your neck.

Can I do self-massage for TMD?

Yes! Self-massage can be an extremely effective way to relieve TMD symptoms. We recommend booking TMJ massage sessions at regular intervals so that you can get comprehensive support from an expert. Between those sessions, massaging the area yourself is a great way to maintain the effects of the massage session for as long as possible. 

Book a TMJ Massage in St. Albert or Add it On to Any Other Massage Service

Want relief from your TMJ symptoms? Urban Massage & Wellness is here to help. Our team has years of experience in providing massage therapy to clients suffering from TMJ disorders. Book your TMJ massage today.

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