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Thai Massage

Thai massage helps alleviate any sort of muscle tension, joint stiffness, or even frequent headaches. This traditional Thai massage can help you wake up feeling relaxed and ready to conquer your day with ease. Thai massage has been practiced in Thailand for hundreds of years, with its origin in India over 3,000 years ago. Now, Thai massage is used to provide relief and relaxation for people all over the world. 

This therapeutic massage modality is more active than a passive relaxation massage, combining Ayurvedic and ancient Chinese medicine practices to treat sore muscles, improve circulation, and decrease stress levels with pressure and deep stretching techniques.  

The Benefits of Thai Massage

Relieve Muscle Pain and Joint Stiffness

People experiencing back pain, muscle soreness, or stiff joints may benefit from the effects of traditional Thai massage. The combination of applying pressure and facilitating gentle stretches can target painful trigger points and stimulate joint mobilization. Trigger points are what we often refer to as “knots” in the muscles, which are known for causing muscle tightness and discomfort. 

Similar to how a massage therapist would perform a deep tissue massage, Thai massage practitioners use specific massage techniques to apply stronger pressure at the root of a trigger point. They will slowly knead out the knot to relieve joint pain and muscle soreness while improving your range of motion. This modality is commonly sought out by athletes as a complement to sports massage because of the deep stretching and myofascial release. 

Improve Body Function

Thai massage therapy is quite active through movement and stretches of your limbs. Not only does this improve your range of motion, but it gives your body an overall boost in energy by improving circulation and lymphatic flow. Healthier heart function and proper immune system responses are common results of Thai massage. Your Registered Massage Therapist will work with you to ensure you are comfortable at all times.

Reduce Stress and Tension in the Body 

If you are experiencing elevated levels of stress, Thai massage can help alleviate the physical manifestations of your stress. Your stress may be due to a demanding job, personal life events, or mental health issues. Whatever the cause, those feelings can manifest as painful tension headaches, general aches and pains, digestive issues, or even trouble sleeping at night. Thai massage can be an effective, non-pharmaceutical treatment method to help reduce your stress and help you relax by using light pressure and intentional stretches to release tension from head to toe. 

What is Thai Massage? 

How the Treatment Works

 Thai massage, unlike relaxation massage, involves a lot of movement and interaction with the patient to stimulate circulation and energy moving through the body. Rather than simply lying on the table, your massage therapist will also have you sitting up, twisting, and turning while they massage and stretch different parts of the body in ways you might not be used to practicing at home. 

During the Appointment 

Don’t be alarmed if you feel your massage therapist get up on the table with you! One of the unique elements of authentic Thai massage is that your therapist will often use their feet to apply strong pressure along some of the body’s tighter muscles, such as hamstrings and glutes. You can also expect a lot of deep tissue work and yoga-like stretching, which will leave you feeling lighter and more relaxed. 

At Urban Massage & Wellness, our Thai massage practitioners may ask you to begin the appointment lying on your back rather than your stomach. They may also suggest incorporating hot stones into your treatment for maximum muscle pain relief.  

Enjoy Long-lasting Relief

The main objective of Thai massage is to provide long-lasting relief for people suffering from joint pain, muscle soreness, stress-induced ailments, sports injuries, and more. Our goal is for you to leave our St. Albert massage clinic feeling relaxed, comfortable, and free of unwanted tension so you can move through life with ease. 

What You Should Know Before You Book an Appointment 

Thai Massage Expectations

Your comfort is our priority, which is why we encourage you to choose the best massage for your preferences. It is important to understand that Thai massage is purposefully active to help move energy through the body intentionally. If you are looking for a more passive massage experience, we recommend looking into a relaxation massage instead. 

Safety and Risks

Please note that, due to the active nature of Thai massage, you may notice that your therapist uses little or no oil during your treatment. This is for safety and comfort because many positions you will be in require the massage therapist to have a solid grip to avoid accidental injury. 

Thai massage is not recommended for people with bone fractures or breaks or for anyone who is on blood-thinning medication. It is important to disclose any other health conditions to your massage therapist beforehand to determine if Thai massage is right for you. 

Thai Massage FAQs

Is oil necessary for a Thai massage?

This depends on the type of Thai massage you book with us!
If you book a traditional Thai massage service at Urban Massage and Wellness, your RMT will not use oil during the treatment and you will remain fully clothed. Please wear comfortable, loose-fitting clothing for this type of massage treatment.
You can also book a Thai massage with oil, which is a blended treatment that you will find separately listed on our online booking page. For this service, you can undress to your comfort level and your RMT will use oil or lotion to perform a combination of therapeutic massage techniques and traditional Thai movements.

Does Thai massage only use strong pressure?

Not necessarily! Your massage therapist will always communicate with you to ensure they are applying pressure at a level you are comfortable. Your Thai massage session should not be painful. The strength of the pressure used will depend on each individual’s condition and preference.

Should I book a Thai massage if I have mobility issues?

 The active nature of Thai massage involves a lot of moving, twisting, bending, and stretching. We do not recommend this massage modality if you have mobility issues or certain health conditions like vertigo. We offer seated chair massage for individuals who have trouble moving freely or lying down for long periods. 

How often should I book a Thai massage?

The frequency of when you should book a Thai massage appointment will depend on your unique condition and goals. Our RMTs will work with you to recommend a schedule that fits what your body needs most. 

Book a Thai Massage in St. Albert 

At Urban Massage and Wellness, we are proud to offer traditional Thai massage services at our St. Albert massage clinic. Click here to conveniently book a Thai massage appointment online today. 

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