Vocal Massage St. Albert

Vocal Massage (Laryngeal Release & Manipulation):

Vocal massage focuses on the muscles and joints that are primarily used for specking and singing. This technique aims to release muscles in the neck, chest, jaw, face, and head including the respiratory muscles, masticators and tongue. Breathing exercises and stretches may also be used.

Vocal massage is a great benefit to actors, singers, athletes, public speakers, computer/office workers, teachers, musicians and anyone who feels tightness and pain through the ribcage when breathing or a weak or tired voice. This type of work has also been shown to help out people with ALS, Parkinson’s , asthma, allergies, bruxism and those recovering from colds and sore throats.

Treatments are 45mins to and hour and normally a few sessions are needed to see noticeable improvement. It should be noted that this type of treatment can be uncomfortable especially the first time and so it is strongly recommended that treatments not be done on the day of a performance until you know how your body will respond.

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