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Seated Chair Massage

Did you know that you can enjoy the many benefits of massage therapy in the comfort of an ergonomic chair? As the name suggests, a seated chair massage allows you to receive a massage while sitting up rather than lying down on a massage table. Seated massage treatments are beneficial for folks that experience a lot of tension in the neck, spine, shoulders, and arms, but they also accommodate people who have trouble lying down for their massage sessions.

Seated Chair Massage Benefits

Accessible Massage Therapy

At Urban Massage and Wellness, we are dedicated to making massage therapy accessible for all, which is why we offer chair massage treatments. This type of massage therapy is suited for people who experience mobility issues, vertigo, and other health conditions that might make it difficult to get onto a raised table or lie down for long periods.

Massage chairs also offer peace of mind for people who don’t feel comfortable removing their clothes for massage treatments. Massage oils are not necessary for chair massages since the targeted muscle groups are easily accessible. In seated chair massage therapy, your legs won’t be touched, so you can remain fully clothed for your appointment if that makes you feel more at ease or we offer hospital gowns that open in the back to allow access to the area.

Relieves Pain Caused by Poor Posture

One of the amazing benefits of chair massages is the opportunity to relieve pain caused by poor posture. We often have people who work in the corporate sector come to our massage clinic to treat acute back pain, muscle soreness, tension headaches, and stiff joints caused by long periods of sitting at a desk. Sitting still for a long time can put repetitive strain on your back, neck, and shoulders, which can lead to long-term postural issues if left untreated.

When you sit in an ergonomic massage chair, your back and body are positioned well for our massage therapists to easily treat the tightest muscles and most painful trigger points. These tension points are often caused by prolonged sitting and poor posture. You can also request to have your arms treated as well to release the fascia, which can be very beneficial for people who experience tension in their forearms from repetitive typing or writing.

Reduces Anxiety and Stress

Did you know that as little as 15 minutes in a massage chair can lower your stress hormone levels to help you relax? A seated chair massage is centered around your comfort. Because we can adjust the chair to fit your body, we hope that you can sink into a much-deserved state of calm and relaxation for the duration of your massage.

For clients who feel they are constantly stuck in a “fight or flight” stress response but have a hard time lying down for long periods, we recommend booking a seated chair massage. Our Registered Massage Therapists can work their magic on your muscles, joints, and central nervous system.

Your body and mind are so interconnected that it is essential to ensure your body systems are functioning well. A seated chair massage can improve blood flow through your circulatory system, regulate your central nervous system and even boost your immune system.

What Is Seated Chair Massage?

How the Treatment Works

When you come in for a seated chair massage, your massage therapist will ask you a few questions about your reason for booking. They’ll want to know what you hope to achieve with your massage and whether you’d like to have your arms included in the massage or not.

Once you are seated and comfortable, your therapist will begin treatment on your neck, shoulders, back and arms. This treatment process is very similar to what you would expect during a massage while lying down, with the level of pressure being in your control. Simply let your massage therapist know if you’d prefer a relaxation massage or deep tissue massage and blissfully melt into the massage chair.

During the Appointment

During your chair massage, you may experience moments of tension and pressure as the therapist identifies trigger points and tight muscle groups. If you are experiencing joint stiffness, you may start feeling some immediate relief as your massage therapist works to soften the fascia and tender joints. For individuals who suffer from vertigo or acute pain due to mobility issues, you might find your symptoms remain unnoticeable, thanks to the relaxing nature of your seated chair massage.

Seated Chair Massage FAQs

Are seated chair massages suitable for elderly patients?

Absolutely! If you are a senior with limited mobility or walking aids, a seated chair massage can allow you to enjoy the benefits of a relaxation massage without the trouble of getting onto a massage table. Seated chair massage is also beneficial if you experience dizzy spells or discomfort while lying down for long periods. *Anyone with hip or knee replacements may not be able to use the Seated Massage Chair.

Do I have to remove my clothes for a seated chair massage?

Not at all. You can undress to your comfort level, which could mean leaving your clothes on. Your massage therapist will also offer you a gown or blanket to wrap yourself in if that’s comfortable for you. You will not be asked to remove your bottoms for this treatment.

How often should I book a seated chair massage?

The frequency of your massage appointments is up to your needs, but your therapist will communicate with you and recommend a schedule to follow depending on your visit.

Does insurance cover seated chair massage?

Yes! As long as your treatment is done by a Registered Massage Therapist, you can submit a claim for your seated chair massage. At Urban Massage and Wellness, we are happy to offer direct billing through most insurance companies.

Book a Seated Chair Massage in St. Albert

If a seated chair massage sounds like the perfect treatment for your body and mind, please book an appointment online and experience the relaxation and pain relief!

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