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Relaxation Massage

If you're looking for a massage experience to help you unwind and decompress, then relaxation massage is the best option for you. Relaxation massage focuses on delivering light to medium pressure to help loosen your muscles and quiet your mind. Combining the health benefits of resting with the benefits of massage can work for anyone. 

The Benefits of Relaxation Massage


Reduce Stress

Many clients book regular relaxation massage appointments as part of their overall health routine. Like other massage therapies, relaxation massage helps reduce stress and anxiety. While the soothing atmosphere of our clinic and the massage techniques used provide quiet and calm, the after-effects also promote lower stress levels.

Improve Circulation

Massage helps you get back to workouts and regular activity faster. The light to medium pressure of relaxation massage helps stimulate blood circulation in the body. Improved blood flow supports the delivery of nutrients and oxygen to the body’s muscles, tissues, and organs, and it helps speed up healing for tense muscles.


Massage therapy also stimulates the flow of lymph in the body, which is an integral part of our immune system. The lymph is responsible for carrying waste material, toxins, and bacteria away from our tissues back into the bloodstream to be delivered to the liver and kidneys. Without the detoxifying process of healthy lymph flow, our immune system suffers.

What Is Relaxation Massage?

How the Treatment Works

Relaxation massage focuses on total body stress relief. Your registered massage therapist will use a combination of smooth and long strokes to increase your blood flow, ease your muscle tension, and foster a feeling of tranquility. The therapeutic touch of massage will have you leaving our clinic feeling rejuvenated.

What to Wear During the Appointment

Your comfort is always our top priority. Our massage rooms are designed to provide calm, quiet spaces for you to relax and destress. Whether or not you would like to undress and the level of undress you are comfortable with is always entirely up to you. We are fully trained in draping techniques to keep you covered by a clean sheet at all times, but what you choose to wear or not wear is your choice.

Your First Massage

Relaxation provides an overall soothing experience while giving you a taste of what massage therapy can do for you. Our registered massage therapists are here to keep you comfortable. If you have questions or concerns at any time during your appointment, we welcome you to speak up and ask questions or give feedback.

Relaxation Massage in St. Albert

Lower Anxiety

A relaxation massage appointment focuses on your comfort and reduces tension. The practice of massage is known to release helpful hormones in the body that contribute to feeling calm and rejuvenated while also suppressing stress hormones, leaving you feeling less anxious overall.

The Power of Touch

Studies show that there are significant health benefits associated with human touch. Relaxation massage is a low-impact massage option for anyone looking to take it easy and enjoy quiet reflection while boosting physical and mental health.

The Benefits of Relaxation

In our fast-paced world, carving out the time to slow down and take it easy often feels out of reach. Yet our minds and bodies can benefit from more downtime. Booking a relaxation massage provides an opportunity to unplug and enjoy the calm atmosphere of our massage clinic.

What You Should Know Before You Book an Appointment

Benefits of Relaxation

Finding the time to slow down and unwind helps to regulate your heart rate, lower your blood pressure, and reduce the release of stress hormones. Relaxation massage also provides the perfect opportunity to take time for yourself, your body, and mind. Rest has many physical and mental health benefits for everyone.

Before You Go

We want your experience to be as relaxing as possible. Before you arrive at your appointment, we recommend avoiding eating a large meal or consuming alcohol. It’s also a great idea to drink water to ensure your muscles are well hydrated and ready for massage.

Provide Space

Feeling the most benefit from a relaxing massage requires planning. It isn’t easy to feel at ease if you’re rushing to your appointment or rushing back to work right afterward. When possible, we recommend scheduling time cushions before and after your appointment.

Safety and Risks

Relaxation massage is a low-risk massage therapy suitable for most people. Massage is not recommended for anyone with a bone fracture or break or on a blood-thinning medication. There may be other health conditions that are not well suited for massage, and we recommend discussing them with your physician if you’re unsure.


Relaxation Massage FAQs

What is the difference between therapeutic massage and relaxation massage?
Relaxation massage is an excellent option for anyone who wants to experience the healing power of touch and a moment of complete tranquility. A relaxation massage is characterized by gentle to medium pressure over your whole body. In contrast, therapeutic massage focuses on treating an injury or specific point of muscle tension using various techniques that can include deep tissue massage when needed.

Can I work out after a relaxation massage?
If you want to gain the most benefit from any massage treatment, your muscles need the opportunity to rest and repair. We recommend waiting out the day before participating in physical activities or working out at the gym. Working out too soon can create more stress on your muscles and possibly cause harm.

When is the best time for a relaxation massage?
The best time to schedule a relaxation massage can vary based on each individual’s schedule. Because relaxation massage will leave you feeling completely soothed and calmed, we recommend scheduling it on a day off from work or at the end of your day, so you can take the time to rest and recover afterward.


Enjoy the Benefits of Relaxation Massage

If you’re ready to take a break from your busy lifestyle, relaxation massage is the ideal option. What could be more serene than a gentle body massage in a quiet room with low lights, soft music, and optional aromatherapy? Find your inner peace, loosen your muscles, and reduce stress levels with a relaxation massage session at Urban Massage and Wellness in St. Albert.

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