Reflexology takes a holistic approach to wellness and has been practiced for centuries. In a reflexology treatment, a trained massage therapist applies pressure to specific areas of the hands, feet, and ears, corresponding to different organs and systems in the body. By placing pressure on these points, your practitioner can relax your body, ease stress, relieve pain, and improve your overall health. Reflexology can be performed alongside a therapeutic or relaxation massage. You’ll get the benefits of a whole-body massage, but with the added experience of reflexology. Adding a reflexology session to your massage can enhance its short-term and long-term benefits.

What is Reflexology?

Reflexology is an ancient Chinese practice that uses pressure points on the feet, hands, or ears to promote healing and relaxation throughout the body. These pressure points are known as reflex zones, and they each correspond to a different organ or system in the body. By putting pressure on these areas, you can improve circulation, relieve pain, and experience full-body relaxation.

Types of Reflexologies

At Urban Massage & Wellness, our experienced practitioners can offer three types of reflexology: foot reflexology, hand reflexology, and ear reflexology. Each branch of reflexology offers a variety of benefits, from pain relief to improved circulation. Depending on your needs and current challenges, different types of reflexology could benefit you more.

Foot Reflexology

Foot reflexology is the most widely known type of reflexology, renowned for its many health benefits. During a foot reflexology session, you’ll be welcomed into the massage room with a relaxing foot soak. For 15 minutes, you’ll enjoy a seated shoulder, neck, and scalp massage while your feet soak in warm water. After that, you will move to the massage table to continue the rest of the treatment which may include a body massage before the foot reflexology session begins.

Your practitioner will begin by applying oil or cream to your feet. They will then put moderate or light pressure on your feet, using specific techniques and focusing on all areas of the foot. If you’re experiencing a particular health issue, such as migraines, your practitioner may concentrate on one area of the foot for longer, but your entire foot will receive treatment. 

Hand Reflexology

Though not as well-known as foot reflexology, hand reflexology offers just as many wellness advantages. At the start of your hand reflexology session, your practitioner will apply an oil or cream to your hands. They will apply pressure to different parts of your hands, fingers, and thumbs. By stimulating these zones, hand reflexology can alleviate tension throughout your entire body.

Ear Reflexology

Ear reflexology is one of the lesser-known types of reflexology, but it is no less beneficial than its counterparts. Ear reflexology, also known as auricular reflexology or auricular therapy, involves stimulating specific points on the outer ear. As with hand and foot reflexology, these points are thought to correspond to different organs and functions throughout the body. Your practitioner will apply mild to moderate pressure to these areas. This process eases stress, improves circulation, and relieves pain.

The Benefits of Reflexology

Reflexology comes with several fantastic health benefits. Its high level of accessibility means that just about anyone can experience the full range of benefits and find full-body wellness.


One benefit that makes reflexology so addictive is its relaxing effects. Reflexology is a calming way to alleviate tension in your mind and body. This also helps to relieve stress and enhance your overall well-being. Don’t be surprised if you fall asleep during your reflexology session—it’s perfectly natural!

Improved Circulation

Reflexology is known to enhance circulation. By releasing tension throughout your body, your circulation will improve, providing many additional health perks. Good circulation gives your organs enough nutrients and oxygen to function properly, resulting in faster healing, a sharper mind, and a healthier heart!

Pain Relief

Reflexology can relieve pain caused by many health problems, including arthritis, back pain, and menstrual pain. The tension and stress-relieving effects of reflexology minimize all kinds of pain to provide you with full-body wellness and inner peace.

Reflexology FAQs

Is reflexology painful?

Though you may feel some discomfort or sensitivity throughout the session, reflexology should never be painful. The pressure applied during a session will be firm, but gentle. Communication with your practitioner is key; if you’re feeling any pain, just let them know, and they’ll adjust their pressure accordingly.

How long is a typical reflexology session?

Urban Massage & Wellness offers reflexology sessions as add-ons to therapeutic or relaxation massages. Your reflexology session will happen before or during your regular massage session, and will typically take up about 10-20 minutes of the time you have booked. 

Can anyone receive reflexology?

Reflexology is a highly accessible method, meaning that nearly everyone can reap its benefits. Although it is safe for most people, we do not recommend reflexology for pregnant women. If you are experiencing injuries or infections in a hand, foot, or ear, avoid reflexology in that area; instead, pick a separate type of reflexology to enjoy!

How often should I receive reflexology? 

The frequency of your reflexology sessions will depend on your specific needs. We suggest adding a reflexology session to your regular therapeutic or relaxation massages at least once a month to feel the full benefits.

Which type of reflexology should I choose?

Choosing the right type of reflexology depends on your preferences, health goals, and comfort level. For example, hand reflexology offers the most comfortable experience for your first reflexology experience. You may also consider trying out each type to see which one works best for your health needs. Whether you choose hand, ear, or foot reflexology, each practice offers a unique way to enhance your overall well-being.

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