Meet Our Team

At Urban Massage & Wellness we are dedicated to helping clients achieve a higher quality of life. We have extensive education and experience with a commitment to continue the learning process in order to provide the most current and innovative treatments

We have consciously designed our team of like-minded professionals to exceed your expectations in getting your body where it needs to be so you can live the life you love!

Nicole St.Laurent Owner/Manual Osteopath/RMT:

Completed a 3000hr Registered Massage Therapy program and then went on to gain her Diploma in Manual Osteopathy from the National Manual Osteopathic College in Red Deer, Alberta.

She believes in the holistic approach of manual osteopathy, finding that addressing the body as a whole delivers outstanding results for clients suffering from both acute and chronic conditions. Nicole enjoys seeing people reap the benefits of manual osteopathy & massage and is constantly looking to expand her expertise in all areas of manual therapy through further education. Maintaining a strong belief that manual therapy has the ability to stimulate the body’s own healing processes, Nicole is interested in working with clients who wish to be a participant in their own health.

“I feel like my passion & purpose have aligned and am incredibly grateful to be apart of my clients’ journey to function and wellbeing. There is nothing more fulfilling than helping someone move beyond pain and disfunction, allowing them to live the life they love! I look forward to many more years practicing in the profession that ultimately chose me!”

Manual Osteopathy | Paediatric Manual Osteopathy

Elizabeth Grosset RMT:

Elizabeth graduated with honours from MaKami College, where she acquired her 3000-hour Advanced Clinical Massage Therapy diploma. Elizabeth has been in good standing with RMTA since 2013 and has worked as a massage therapist in St. Albert for many years, building a client base that she loves to work with.

Elizabeth takes pride in providing education-focused treatment and a positive experience for every client. She believes the body is a fascinating machine and has always been interested in how she can help people lead a better life through her training.

Proud to be a mom of three not-so-little girls and a grandma to one amazing boy, Elizabeth enjoys relaxing in the Urban Massage & Wellness infrared-sauna and always finds a way to live her best life.

Sports Massage | Deep Tissue MassagePaediatric Massage |  Therapeutic Massage | relaxation massage | trigger point therapy | myofascial release techniques | myofascial cupping 

Sonia Van Der Vinne Manual Osteopath/RMT:

Sonia completed the Advanced Clinical Massage Therapy Program at MaKami College in 2017 and earned a diploma from the National Manual Osteopathic College in 2009.

Thanks to her commitment to multiple modalities, Sonia is able to help a broad scope of people with diverse conditions and with pain management. Her ultimate goal is to help people get back to doing what they love to do, and doing it pain-free.

Sonia appreciates being part of the positive work environment at Urban Massage & Wellness. She loves the outdoors, including hiking, camping, and running or walking with her dog.

Richard Luong RMT:

Richard graduated with top marks and at the top of his class from MaKami College’s Advanced Clinical Massage Therapy in 2017, where he now teaches Anatomy & Physiology. He also holds a Bachelor of Education degree from the University of Alberta and studies anatomy in his spare time to provide valuable information to his clients about at-home care and injury prevention. 
Over the years, Richard has been able to develop strong connections with his clients. He has a fine-tuned ability to listen, assess accurately, and cater to their needs. Richard’s clients leave their appointments feeling strong, healthy, and energetic, and with the education and ability to create a healthy lifestyle. His ultimate goal is to restore or enhance a client’s day to day activities and make achieving their goals a comfortable and pain-free experience.
When he isn’t helping some clients recover and prepare for fitness and sports activities, Richard is usually participating in his own. He works out several times a week and, when the Alberta weather allows, plays golf regularly.

Deep tissue massage | sports massage | The Graston Technique | rock taping | orthopedic assessment | Cyriax cross fiber friction | trigger point therapy | advanced neuromuscular techniques 

Jennifer Moore RMT:

Originally from the Annapolis Valley, NS, Jenn is a graduate of The Canadian College of Massage and Hydrotherapy and received her diploma in June 2013.

While attending school, she actively participated in a neurology clinic, as well as out-reach clinics for IWK cancer kids and Dalhousie theatre grads.

Jenn has an extensive background in voice and teaches voice lessons and musical theatre classes. She also directs and performs on stage. Aside from massage and voice (two passions which she combines by offering vocal massage), Jenn also has a love for horses, rock climbing, hiking, baking, and gardening.

Relaxation Massage | Therapeutic Massage | Deep Tissue Sinus Release * | Vocal Massage | Therapeutic Hot Stone Treatments | Hot/Cold Stone Massage ** | Myofascial Release | green and yellow jade stone massage

*currently not available until phase 3 of Alberta economic reopening
**alternating hot and cold, with specific treatments for tendonitis, pain, migraines, sinuses

Samantha Wiggins RMT:

Sammy graduated with honours from the 3000 hr Advanced Clinical Massage Therapy Program at MaKami College in June 2018 diploma. She also received the Top Marks Award for her commitment during her schooling.

Sammy enjoys providing a sense of emotional and physical balance to her clients. Through massage, she is able to connect with others, reading their needs and adjusting as necessary to provide the best possible treatment.

In her free time, Sammy practices yoga and is a long-distance runner. She loves traveling, trying new foods, and meeting people from all over the world.

Leah Wegewitz FST/RMT/Manual Osteopath:

Leah is a highly knowledgeable therapist with a drive for continuing education. She’s a graduate of MH Vicars School of Massage Therapy, the National Manual Osteopathic Clinic, and holds a certificate in Fascial Stretch Therapy. She’s also currently enrolled in the 5-year program at the Canadian Institute of Osteopathy College.

Leah works closely with her clients to help them gain optimal function and pain-free mobility through comprehensive therapeutic plans. She enjoys one-on-one time with her clients so she can see their progress first-hand.

Leah loves people and animals in equal measure, spending plenty of time with her family (human and otherwise!)

Emma Lawson, RMT:

Emma graduated at the top of her class in the Advanced Clinical Massage Therapy Program at MaKami College in 2019.

Her athletic background has given her insight into the specific stresses we put on our bodies in everyday life, and Emma is enthusiastic about using various modalities and techniques to fully relieve that stress. She focuses on a full process of assessment, treatment, education, and home care to ensure her clients get the best possible massage experience. She appreciates the energy, passion, and experience of the professionals at Urban Massage & Wellness.

When she isn’t at work, Emma can often be found outdoors with her dog or enjoying gardening, hiking, snowboarding, and fishing. She also loves to cook and explore new recipes!

Deep Tissue Massage | Therapeutic Massage | Trigger Point Therapy | Myofascial Release | Paediatric Massage | Prenatal Massage | Swedish Massage | Cyriax Cross Fiber Friction

Jennifer O’Neill, RMT:
Jennifer is a skilled RMT who works with clients of all ages; her youngest client is just eleven years old. She completed the 3000-hr Advanced Clinical Massage Therapy program at MaKami College in 2017. Jennifer combines massage and stretching techniques to provide her clients with a well-rounded treatment plan, and her massage style would be characterized as one of subtle intensity. 
Jennifer’s passion for sports has inspired her to help athletes of all ages achieve their health, recovery, and preparation goals. She spent most of her younger years in competitive swimming and baseball. Her goal was to swim for Team Canada, but a serious back injury sidelined that dream. However, the knowledge she gained from that period of her life translates perfectly into her work. 

When Jennifer isn’t giving clients what they need to push harder and be successful, you can find her spending time with her two energetic sons. She loves being with her family, living a healthy lifestyle and planning exciting adventures.

Therapeutic Massage | Orthopaedic Assessments | Pre/Post-Event Sports Massage | Trigger Point Therapy |  Pre/Post-Natal Massage | Joint Manipulation & Mobilizations | Relaxation Therapy

Dannielle Steven, RMT:

Dannielle received a Top Marks Award for her completion of the Advanced Clinical Massage Therapy diploma program at MaKami College.

For Dannielle, listening to clients and understanding their needs is an essential component of the healing process. She understands the deeply transformational powers of massage therapy and feels inspired when she sees clients come in smiling because of their improvement. Always seeking new knowledge, Dannielle plans to continue her education in specialized modalities such as advanced myofascial cupping, TMJ, and Rapid NeuroFascial Reset – just to name a few!

Outside of Urban Massage & Wellness, you may find her at the gym, at the ski hill in the winter, running on the trails in the summer, or biking, hiking, camping, or fishing. She also has two cats and a beautiful garden.

Teri Dawson RMT

Teri Dawson, RMT:

Teri is a graduate of the two-year diploma program at MH Vicars School of Massage Therapy and is registered with the Canadian Massage & Manual Osteopathic Therapists Association.

Teri is always inspired by the progress her clients make in achieving their goals. This has motivated her to gain more knowledge in complementary modalities. She’s currently enrolled in extra courses specializing in oncology massage, orthopedic massage, and kinetic massage.

When she isn’t gaining new knowledge and skills to provide her clients with more options, Teri enjoys exploring the beautiful Rocky Mountains in Alberta and BC with her children and husband. She also likes to stay closer to home, relaxing with her senior dogs in her backyard oasis.

Relaxation massage | pregnancy massage | trigger points | manual lymphatic drainage | myofascial release | therapeutic massage | sports massage | reiki | fire cupping/myofascial cupping

Jennifer McLaughlin, RMT:

Jennifer completed her first year of the Advanced Clinical Massage Therapy Program at MaKami College in March 2020. Her commitment to being a community-minded wellness advocate is clear; she finished at the top of her class and is also a certified fitness instructor.

As Jennifer works toward completing her second year of training, she is focused on developing her expertise and mastering sports massage, myofascial release, trigger point therapy, and joint mobilizations. This will give her more range to provide treatment options and an overall better quality of life for her clients.

Jennifer is known as “mom” by three amazing kids. She enjoys sending time with her family, the outdoors, physical fitness and healthy eating, travel, and being around people.

Jennifer McLaughlin Student RMT
Braelyn Bogdanov Client Experience Coordinator

Chang ShihRegistered Acupuncturist:

After his own experience with the physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual effects of acupuncture, Chang was hooked. He graduated from Grant MacEwan University’s Acupuncture program in 2016 and has advanced, hands-on training in acupuncture, craniosacral therapy, and reiki. He uses a balance of these approaches to give his clients an intuitive, well-rounded treatment that leaves them feeling both energized and relaxed. 

Chang’s mission is to find real solutions for his clients. He’s always grateful when he can contribute to resolving long-standing health and wellness challenges that they believed were permanent. His calm demeanour (even when under pressure) comes from his past experience as an air traffic controller. He appreciates the relaxed and supportive environment of Urban Massage & Wellness, and in his spare time, he enjoys riding his motorcycle.

Emma McNally, RMT:

Emma McNally was born in Belfast, Ireland, where she received a Bachelor of Science degree with honours in Psychology. She moved to Canada in 2007 to raise her family of three boys. Recently, she decided to begin a career in massage therapy, knowing the essential role it plays in leading a healthy and fulfilling life. Emma is currently passing with distinction in her Advanced clinical massage therapy program at Makami college. She has recently received  her 2200 hrs designation and volunteers as a student mentor at the college. 
Emma is dedicated to a healthy lifestyle for herself, her family, and others. She has helped plan and coordinate a healthy home-cooked hot lunch program for her kids’ school, and can often be found hiking with her family and dog, biking, and practicing yoga. Emma looks forward to using her knowledge, skills and commitment to continuing education to enhance and enrich her clients’ general health and sense of wellbeing.

Swedish massage | Myofascial Release | Cupping | Prenatal Massage | Lymphatic Drainage | Hot/Cold Stone Massage | Deep Tissue Massage


Jennifer McLaughlin Student RMT

Client Experience Coordinators

Sara Hungerford Client Experience Coordinator

Sara Hungerford:

Sara is a client experience coordinator with a friendly outlook and kind demeanour, fitting right into the relaxed and welcoming environment of Urban Massage & Wellness. When she isn’t helping clients have a great experience at the clinic, Sara enjoys swimming, gardening, trying out new cuisine, and spending time outdoors. 

Braelyn Bogdanov:

Braelyn Bogdanov is currently attending NAIT’s Interior Design Technology program. She cares for an indoor garden filled with rare plants and two dogs, Toretto and Douglas. However, she enjoys spending time with people just as much as pets and plants. The easy-going atmosphere of Urban Massage & Wellness is a great fit for Braelyn’s laid-back, client-focused service. 

Braelyn Bogdanov Client Experience Coordinator
Nadia Van Der Vinne Client Experience Coordinator

Nadia Van Der Vinne:

While assisting the therapists and clients at Urban Massage & Wellness, Nadia is confidently pursuing a Civil Environmental Engineering degree at the University of Alberta. She understands and appreciates the close connection between therapists and clients and is an excellent facilitator for that top-notch client experience we want everyone to have. Nadia enjoys hiking, camping, biking, and tabletop games in her spare time.