Meet Our Team

At Urban Massage & Wellness we are dedicated to helping clients achieve a higher quality of life. We have extensive education and experience with a commitment to continue the learning process in order to provide the most current and innovative treatments

We have consciously designed our team of like-minded professionals to exceed your expectations in getting your body where it needs to be so you can live the life you love!

Nicole St.Laurent Owner, DMO, RMT:

Completed a 3000hr Registered Massage Therapy program and then went on to gain her Diploma in Manual Osteopathy from the National Manual Osteopathic College in Red Deer, Alberta.

She believes in the holistic approach of manual osteopathy, finding that addressing the body as a whole delivers outstanding results for clients suffering from both acute and chronic conditions. Nicole enjoys seeing people reap the benefits of manual osteopathy & massage and is constantly looking to expand her expertise in all areas of manual therapy through further education. Maintaining a strong belief that manual therapy has the ability to stimulate the body’s own healing processes, Nicole is interested in working with clients who wish to be a participant in their own health.

“I feel like my passion & purpose have aligned and am incredibly grateful to be apart of my clients’ journey to function and wellbeing. There is nothing more fulfilling than helping someone move beyond pain and disfunction, allowing them to live the life they love! I look forward to many more years practicing in the profession that ultimately chose me!”

Manual Osteopathy | Paediatric Manual Osteopathy

Elizabeth Grosset RMT:

Graduated with honours from Makami College where she acquired her 3000 hour advanced massage therapy license. Elizabeth has been in good standing with RMTA for 5 years and has worked in St.Albert for many years specializing in sports massage, deep tissue, paediatric, and therapeutic relaxation massage. Along with trigger point therapy and myofascial release techniques.

Elizabeth takes pride in the education and experience of treating all clients. Focusing on their goals during every treatment to reduce restrictions and regain function and range of motion in the body for a better quality of life.

Sonia Van Der Vinne RMT, DMO:

Completed her 3000 hour, Registered Massage Therapy diploma with honors in 2017. Her treatments are mainly therapeutic massage with trigger point therapy and myofascial release. Sonia works hard to help her clients achieve their goals and get to where they want to be. 

She is also currently working on her next diploma to become a Manual Osteopath and will graduate in July of 2019. This is already broadening her scope and she is able to work with, and help people with more diverse issues and pain. She provides thorough assessments, extensive treatments and homecare exercises individual to the client’s pain. Her goal is to get people back to doing what they love and to improve their quality of life!

Richard Luong RMT:

After graduating from Makami College top of his class and earning his 3000 hours, Richard integrates this extensive knowledge to his professional practice through his ability to listen, assess accurately and cater to the needs of his client. He specializes in advance neuromuscular techniques, deep tissue, and trigger point therapy. Client satisfaction and knowledge transfer to restore and enhance his client’s healthy lifestyle is at the heart of his work. Richard’s greatest reward is seeing his clients succeed in their day-to-day activities with comfort.

Relaxation Massage | Therapeutic Massage | Deep Tissue Massage | Sports Massage | Graston Technique

Jennifer Moore RMT:

Originally from the Annapolis Valley, NS, Jenn is a graduate from The Canadian College of Massage and Hydrotherapy and received her diploma in June 2013. While attending the college she actively participated in a Neurology Clinic, as well as Out-Reach Clinics for IWK cancer kids and Dalhousie theatre grads. CCMH has given Jenn the ability to perform therapeutic massage, joint mobilization, myofascial & myoskeletal release, remex exercises and hydrotherapy.

She has obtained certificates in Myofascial Postural Correction, Hot/Cold Stone Therapy, Onsen Technique, Jade Stone and Vocal Massage (Laryengeal Manipulation and Release).

Jenn has an extensive background in voice and teaches voice lessons, musical theatre classes, directs, and performs on stage. Jenn also has a love for horses and being outside rock climbing, hiking, gardening or anything fun.

Samantha Wiggins RMT:

Samantha graduated with honours from Makami College where she obtained her 3000hr advanced massage therapy diploma. She has always wanted to be in a profession where she can connect with people and feels that therapeutic massage can enhance your overall sense of emotional and physical well-being.

Samantha’s first experience with massage therapy was when she went travelling overseas to Asia and realized how much it could benefit people, whether its for relaxation, or a specific injury. Her skills include deep tissue, relaxation, prenatal, myofasical release and trigger point therapy.

Sports and physical activity have always been a big part of her life, as she played soccer and maintains a gym routine, therefore sports massage and deep-tissue massage is something that she has experience with. She believes that maintaining good physical health keeps the mind and body in balance and massage therapy is a great way to compliment that balance.

 Samantha feels that through massage, she is able to connect and help others, and this plays a large role in her passion for massage therapy.

Leah Wegewitz FST/RMT:

Leah graduated from MH Vicars School of Massage therapy and went on to gain her certificate in Fascial Stretch Therapy. She is currently working towards her Diploma of Manual Osteopathy at the National Manual Osteopathic College in Red Deer,AB.

Leah is very excited to be a part of the Urban Massage & Wellness team! She is passionate about offering a unique experience with Fascial Stretch Therapy-working with each client to gain optimal pain free mobility.

Emma Lawson, RMT:

Currently completing her second year at Makami College, Emma has really found her passion in massage therapy; there are so many treatment methods and modalities that can used to tailor each session to individuals’ needs. Concerned and caring about treating each client individually, she focuses on their needs through assessment, treatment plan, and home care.

With an athletic background and being an active person, Emma is no stranger to the stresses we put our bodies through during everyday life.

Her specialties include deep tissue, trigger point therapy, myofascial cupping, myofascial release, hot stone, and Swedish Massage.

When she isn’t at school or work she loves to be outdoors with her dog and loves to cook and explore new recipes!

Jennifer O’Neill, RMT:
Jennifer completed her 3000 hour diploma with Makami College. With the foundations at hand, she is eager to broaden her knowledge in the massage field in the up coming years. Jennifer combines both massage and stretching techniques to provide her clients with a comprehensive treatment plan, her massage style would be characterized as one of subtle intensity. She works with a vast variety of clients of all ages, her youngest client being 11 years old.

She has been heavily involved in sports throughout her life, spending most of her teenage years involved in competitive swimming and baseball. Her goal was to swim for team Canada in the Olympics but a serious back injury sidelined that dream. Her previous sports background and knowledge has allowed her to build a base when helping young athletes to achieve their health and recovery goals.

Jennifer focuses on treating injuries both sport and work related. She is skilled in therapeutic massage and orthopaedic assessments, as well as being trained in pre/post event sports massage, trigger point therapy, pre/post natal massage, joint manipulation and mobilizations and relaxation therapy.

When Jennifer isn’t hanging with her client’s, she is a mother of two high energy boys and enjoys being with her family, exploring new and exciting adventures.

Dannielle Steven, Student RMT:
Dannielle is currently completing her 2nd year of massage therapy at Makami College and is on track to be fully registered March 2020! With a passion to help others heal and grow in everyday life, Dannielle really takes the time to listen to her clients and creates a plan that helps them get the most out of their treatments.

Dannielle has gained interest in many therapeutical techniques including Deep tissue, Relaxation, Therapeutic, Sports Massage, Trigger Point Therapy, and Myofascial Cupping Release.

Once she has graduated she plans to take continuing education to specialize in advanced techniques including Advanced Myofascial Cupping, TMJ, Sports, and Rapid Neurofascial Reset just to name a few!

Outside of school & work, you may find her at the gym, at the ski hill in the winter, running on the trails in the summer, biking, hiking, camping and fishing.

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