Open Letter for Google Review…

Dear Leanne,

Thank you for taking the time to provide your statement. I am deeply sorry to hear you have been experiencing such a challenging period in your life and hope that you are on your way back to recovering your health and vitality. 

I acknowledge that I did not reply immediately to this review as I felt that I needed to take a minute to reflect on the situation. Every story has 2 sides and it’s important that I have an opportunity to discuss with my RMTs before I respond.  We always welcome feedback and constructive criticisms as they provide opportunity to grow and develop. We prefer to support and uplift those in the bodywork community and this review feels very fuelled by emotion and I cannot relate to this level of aggression towards a fellow practitioner. 

The comfort and safety our clients is our top priority. We take your comments seriously and would like to address the specific points you raised for you as well as other clients & community members reading this. Every situation is an opportunity to learn and as you are an RMT yourself,  I’d like to take this opportunity to go deep for all involved…

My first comment is that this situation is a direct reflection of why we have included a bolded statement into our intake consents that every client signs before they get on our tables:  ***If I experience pain or discomfort during my session, I will immediately inform my therapist so that pressure/strokes or any other aspect of the treatment can be adjusted to to my level of comfort/satisfaction.***

Comfort Measures: We understand the importance of ensuring our clients are warm and comfortable during their treatments. Blankets and table warmers are available at your request if they are not already supplied or turned on. We also acknowledge that a client who is too hot is also uncomfortable so some practitioners will keep it as neutral as possible. We encourage open communication to ensure that you are happy and comfortable through out your treatment.

Listening to Client Needs: We do our very best to listen carefully and respect the comfort and pain thresholds of our clients, particularly when health concerns like blood thinners are involved. Needing to ask multiple times is not uncommon as different body parts can be more or less sensitive. It’s also very important that clients schedule the correct treatment based on their needs. Relaxation instead of therapeutic may have been a better choice as Lexi, who is a newer RMT was still trying to provide the treatment that was scheduled. We will be working together to fine tune her pressure adjustments regardless.

Side Lying Positioning: Upon discussion with Lexi, she shared that you made this request and she advised that side lying was not a strength of hers, but she would do her best. (We will be practicing her side lying techniques.) A pillow was available and offered, however it was turned down? Pillows are always available for our clients and I am very curious on your statement that 2-3 pillows for side lying is standard. I personally do not recall this from my training and when I consulted Google, as its been a while since I’ve offered massage, the majority of results were related to pregnancy massage. Perhaps this would have been a more appropriate massage treatment to schedule based on your needs? And since not all RMTs offer this service, you would have selected a practitioner who was comfortable and skilled in the side lying position so that you would receive an amazing treatment. As an RMT, you would understand that not all practitioners/services fit every client and vice versa. Our practitioners are not expected to know or be skilled in everything, we lean into our strengths to offer our clients our very best. 

Client Interaction: We understand that some clients prefer a quiet environment to fully relax and benefit from their massage. We will remind our therapists to be more attentive to clients’ cues regarding conversation and ensure a peaceful experience for those who prefer it. A verbal request could’ve resolved this issue quickly. We were all new RMTs once and having another RMT get on the table can be intimidating. From her perspective, Lexi was trying to lighten what felt like a very tense room.  

As I mentioned in the voicemail I left you today, I would welcome the opportunity to discuss this matter further with you. Please feel free to reach out to me directly through the clinic.

Once again, thank you for highlighting these issues. Your feedback is invaluable to us in our ongoing efforts to improve our service and ensure all our clients and practitioners feel heard, respected, and cared for.

Warmest regards,

Nicole St. Laurent

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