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Motor Vehicle Accident Massage

Experiencing a motor vehicle accident is a stressful experience that often leaves people with unresolved pain and tension, most commonly in the neck, back, hips, and jaw. Massage therapy following an accident can alleviate stress, improve mobility, promote healing, and prevent future injuries or conditions.

What to Do After an Accident


When an accident occurs, make sure that you assess your injuries carefully and seek emergency medical assistance if you or anyone else has serious injuries.


As soon as you can, contact your primary health care practitioner to arrange an assessment of your health. This assessment can be completed by your family doctor, a chiropractor, another medical doctor, or a physical therapist.

A formal assessment from a primary health care provider allows you to plan your treatment and provides you with a formal record for insurance and court purposes. It’s also important for your wellbeing to have a treatment plan for recovery. 


According to the Government of Alberta

“If you have been injured in an automobile accident in Alberta, you are entitled to accident benefits coverage regardless of whether you were at fault for the accident. The benefits you receive depend on the type of injury you have.”


When you visit your primary health care practitioner for a health assessment, you can review your treatment plan and request a referral for massage therapy. Sometimes physicians focus on visible injuries and overlook the benefits of massage therapy, so unless you request a massage appointment, your doctor might forget to include it in your treatment plan. Be sure to discuss it as part of your appointment.

You may also benefit from osteopathy, which is sometimes included as a part of health benefits. Again, it is important to ask about your specific treatment options.


As soon as you have a referral from your doctor to see a massage therapist, book your first appointment. At Urban Massage & Wellness, we will provide you with a consultation to assess your health and injuries and create a treatment plan that aims at relieving immediate pain and issues, while also looking at preventing future health problems. Keep in mind that there will likely be some extra paperwork involved in the process to make sure you receive your accident benefits – if you have any questions about the paperwork, we are always here to help!

It can also be beneficial to ask for the name and direct phone number of your adjuster, who will be your main point of contact for direct billing for any benefits you receive.


In addition to potential accident benefits coverage offered in Alberta, you may be entitled to other forms of compensation through a personal injury claim. is a website that can help you easily calculate what you may be entitled to.


What to Expect from Motor Vehicle Accident Massage

After a motor vehicle accident, individuals can experience everything from shock and stress to minor and major injuries. Massage therapy can help to reduce stress, alleviate pain and swelling, and help reverse the effects of shock on the body and mind.

No two accidents are the same, which is why at Urban Wellness & Massage, our experienced massage therapists will adapt their techniques to match your needs. We’ve designed our St. Albert clinic to be a welcoming and relaxing environment, so you’ll feel comfortable at all times during your appointment. The style of massage, amount of pressure, and duration will all be determined by your situation. Our ultimate goal is to reduce your stress, assist in your body’s natural healing process, and give you some relief from pain and other symptoms caused by the accident. 


Our MVA Massage Services in St. Albert

We understand that an accident is a traumatic experience, and afterward, you are often left to try to manage on your own. Massage is one of the few treatment options that provides an hour dedicated to your care and wellbeing.

Our clinic focuses on providing a calm and quiet environment with low, adjustable lighting and heated massage tables.

Here is a review from one of our clients who has unfortunately experienced multiple car accidents:

“Nicole and her team at Urban Massage & Wellness took care of my injuries after two motor vehicle collisions one in 2016 and the other in 2018. With a chronic pain diagnosis, stemming from neck trauma, massage is important to my recovery, because I can relax and spend at least an hour with a health professional without feeling rushed as I did with chiropractic and physiotherapy. Having suffered a concussion, I appreciated the adjustable lighting, warm rooms and quiet atmosphere of Urban Wellness. The massage therapist I had specialized in facial and vocal massage releasing tight neck muscles so I can speak for longer periods of time and even sing. Three years post auto collision, I still book a massage when I’m in St. Albert to keep the pain managed. “
Sima C.


The Benefits of Motor Vehicle Accident Massage Therapy

Motor vehicle accidents are often traumatic events. The force applied is more than the human body was meant to handle, and there are many ways that the body absorbs and responds to that force. This can lead to a multitude of injuries, conditions, strains and sprains, impacted areas, and symptoms.

After an accident, individuals often also feel tense and stressed, which can contribute further to the pain caused by strains and injuries. Massage therapy can benefit clients who have experienced a motor vehicle accident by helping their minds and bodies to relax. Once you feel comfortable and at ease, our massage therapists will adapt their massage techniques to match your level of required care, according to the amount of stress, tension, and possible injuries you’ve endured.

  • Common benefits of massage therapy after an accident can include:
  • Treatment of the effects of trauma and shock
  • Treatment of whiplash and other common injuries caused by motor vehicle accidents
  • Reduced pain and swelling
  • Relief from symptoms of TMD (temporomandibular disorders)
  • Improved circulation of blood and lymph
  • Improved range of motion
  • Faster healing and recovery times
  • Reduced stress and increased relaxation

You may also gain additional benefits from our infrared sauna.


Motor Vehicle Massage FAQs

Is massage therapy covered by accident benefits?
Regardless of whether an accident is your fault or not, all Albertans are entitled to accident benefits. It’s your responsibility to see a doctor as soon as possible after the accident for a health assessment and treatment plan. If your doctor does not include massage therapy as a treatment option, you have the right to request it.

You can always check the latest government information for your area to see what you are entitled to. For residents of Alberta, check the government page for automobile collisions and insurance information.  

Remember, you can also check this website to receive an estimate for any personal injury claims you may be entitled to.

I don’t have any injuries from my accident. Do I still need massage therapy?
Even if you don’t have any obvious injuries from a motor vehicle accident, your body and muscles can still experience high levels of tension and stiffness due to shock. Massage therapy can help you relax, ease muscle tension, and reduce overall soreness. Massage therapy can also reduce your stress levels. High stress and muscle tension, if left untreated, can lead to weakened immune systems, headaches, and tight muscles. Even if you feel well immediately after an accident, it’s always best to book an appointment with your doctor to have your health checked.

How does massage therapy help treat injuries or strains?
Massage therapy promotes the circulation of the blood and lymph throughout the body, which helps reduce swelling. Less swelling can help reduce pain and discomfort, as well as reduce your overall level of stress. Massage therapy is also known to facilitate deep relaxation that can reduce headaches.  

Keep in mind that serious injuries can take time and many treatments to heal. Whiplash (which is caused by trauma to the neck) is one example of an injury that can linger and may require a long-term treatment plan.

Recovery from a car collision often requires a team approach. Your treatment notes will be available for other practitioners if necessary.

Are there any risks associated with MVA massage?
Motor vehicle massage therapy is adapted to each individual’s situation, and there are few potential risks. However, there are some scenarios where massage therapy is not recommended as a treatment. Massage therapy is not recommended for anyone with:
Broken, fractured, or fragile bones
Burns or open wounds
Blood-thinning medication 

It is important to consult your primary care physician about your treatment plan before booking your first massage appointment after a motor vehicle accident.

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