How to Find the Best Massage Therapy in St. Albert

Massage therapies work wonders when it comes to soothing sore muscles, treating chronic pain, relieving stress, and so much more. Whether you are looking to relax, treat a specific condition, or improve flexibility, there are many types of massage therapy to choose from, which can be overwhelming if you don’t know where to start.

At Urban Massage & Wellness, we offer more than 15 massage specialties. We understand it can be tricky to find the best massage therapy for your wellness needs without any guidance. Let’s talk about five things to consider when looking for the best massage therapy in St. Albert.

1. What Are Your Massage Therapy Needs?

First things first: what is the nature of your need for massage therapy? Knowing what you are looking to achieve through massage treatments is a good start because certain therapies are better than others, depending on your area of concern. For example, a relaxation massage might be a nice timeout, but it might not give you the relief you are seeking if you require anything more than relaxation. On the flip side, a deep tissue massage might use too much pressure if you are simply looking to relieve stress.

Your doctor might refer you to a massage therapist to treat certain medical concerns, which is very beneficial, but it also means that a doctor could tell you that your issue is too complex for a massage treatment. It helps to know if you have your doctor’s approval before booking any type of massage therapy to mitigate your risk of injury on the massage table.

2. Is There a Variety of Massage Treatment Options?

We have a wide variety of massage treatment options available at Urban Massage & Wellness. No matter what brings you to our St. Albert massage clinic, our Registered Massage Therapists (RMTs) will take great care of you. Some of our most popular treatments include:

If you are new to massage therapy, a relaxation massage would be a fantastic way to experience your first massage treatment. The techniques used for this type of massage are typically applied with light pressure. Your massage therapist will check in with you throughout the service to make sure you are comfortable every step of the way.

3. Do They Offer Specialized Treatments?

Your search for the best massage clinic in St. Albert should also consider who offers specialized treatments in addition to more traditional massage therapies. At Urban Massage & Wellness, we have RMTs with specialized training in several unique massage techniques, including:

  • Prenatal massage for pregnant women supporting their body through each trimester.
  • Traditional Thai massage for hands-on deep tissue relief and stretching.
  • Seated chair massage for those with mobility issues, chronic pain, or anyone who has trouble lying down for extended periods.
  • Traditional Chinese foot massage to experience an ultra-relaxing treatment that combines long muscle strokes with trigger point massage to promote blood flow.
  • Manual osteopathy to restore balance and alignment within the body.

4. Are the Staff Friendly and Helpful?

Finding the right massage therapist to suit your needs can sometimes involve a little bit of trial and error. Everyone is different, which goes for clients and therapists, so we encourage you to book treatments with more than one RMT to help you find your perfect fit. You should be able to communicate with your therapist and feel nothing but comfort and support throughout your treatment.

Meet Our Team

Your comfort is our priority! At Urban Massage & Wellness, owner Nicole St. Laurent leads a team of RMTs and student RMTs to treat clients from all walks of life at the St. Albert massage clinic. Learn more about our therapists and their specialties here.

5. Do they Accept Insurance Payments?

Massage therapy is an investment in your health and wellness, and since you only have one body, treating it right is worth working into your budget. If you have a health insurance plan that covers massage therapy in any capacity, it is helpful to know what percentage of each treatment is covered in advance to help you budget accordingly for your visit.

At Urban Massage & Wellness, we can bill your treatment directly to most insurance companies, but some insurance providers require you to submit a receipt for reimbursement following your massage therapy appointment. If you are unsure if your provider accepts direct billing, we encourage you to give them a call in advance, or our friendly front desk staff will happily find out for you.

For your peace of mind, our treatment pricing is listed directly on our website! RMT students are qualified to practice massage therapy in our clinic, and while they are not eligible for insurance billing, our students are keen to work on their skills and can provide treatments at a discounted rate.

6. What Do the Testimonials Say?

If you are having trouble choosing a local massage clinic for your next treatment, reading St. Albert Massage therapy reviews can be a great deciding factor. After all, there is value in reading genuine feedback about a person’s massage experience if it helps you decide where to bring your business.

At Urban Massage & Wellness, we take tremendous pride in our reputation on Google. With over 200 reviews and a 4.9-star average to validate the high standard of treatment and customer service we strive for.

Registered Massage Therapists in St. Albert

There are many St. Albert massage therapy clinics to choose from, but with these considerations in your back pocket, you now have all the tools you need to make an informed decision about your next massage treatment. At Urban Massage & Wellness, we are confident that our specially trained RMTs have the skills, knowledge, and passion for customer care that will leave you feeling relieved, restful, and rejuvenated after every treatment.

Ready to give your body the TLC it deserves? Book your next massage appointment online at Urban Massage & Wellness and experience one of the many amazing treatment options we have available for clients in St. Albert and Edmonton.

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