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Hot - Cold Stone Massage

Hot and cold stone massage therapy balances the soothing effects of heat and the refreshing effects of cold temperatures to provide total relaxation for the body and muscles. Using hot and cold stones combines thermo-therapeutic treatment and massage therapy to offer many health benefits and deep levels of rejuvenation.

The Benefits of Hot and Cold Stone Massage

Why Stones Are Used

Smooth, flat stones are used in massage therapy because of their perfect shape and size. They can apply additional pressure while still being gentle against the skin. Specific stones are used for different temperatures depending on their makeup. The pancake-shaped basalt rocks are naturally found in rivers and oceans, while marble is crafted into the shape. 

Types of Stones Used

Two types of stones are used for hot and cold stone massage. Flat, smooth basalt stones are used for the heat portion because basalt holds heat well and is naturally shaped to provide a soothing massage. Cold massage stones are usually made from marble because marble stone naturally holds cold temperatures better than other rock types. Marble needs to be cut, shaped, and smoothed into the massage stone shape. 

The Power of Combining Hot and Cold

Combining hot and cold temperatures provides powerful pain relief. Hot and cold stone massage therapy alternates applying stones of different temperatures. Cold stones are applied to certain areas to reduce swelling and improve blood flow by drawing heat from your skin. Warm stones are applied to your skin to soften your muscles. The massage movements adapt to each individual’s trigger points. Cold or heat may be used more than the other for best results when necessary. 

What Is Hot and Cold Stone Massage?


How the Treatment Works

Hot and cold stone massage therapy uses thermo-therapeutic techniques to loosen up muscle tissues while reducing inflammation at the same time. The heat relaxes your muscles, releases tension, and increases blood circulation that heals muscle strains. At the same time, the cold reduces swelling, increases lymphatic drainage, and helps to reduce pain caused by inflammation. Together, the hot and cold provide deep relief to sore muscles. 

During the Appointment

During your appointment, your registered massage therapist will alternate applying hot and cold stones to specific areas of your body, according to where your muscles are the tensest and where your pain is strongest. Your registered massage therapist will also use the stones during the massage to provide gentle or deep pressure, depending on the nature of your aches and pains. This technique offers both muscle relief and deep relaxation. 

Long-Lasting Relief

Applying heat to loosen up the muscles first, then cold to reduce swelling and inflammation, provides longer-lasting pain relief. Alternating temperatures also help to increase blood flow and heal the injured or overstimulated muscles. Massage movements with the stones add a deeper penetration to the fascia and muscle tissue. Clients who book hot and cold stone massages often feel pain-relief and higher energy levels for longer afterward than other types of massage. 

Hot and Cold Stone Massage in St. Albert

Increase Blood Flow

The hot stones help to dilate your blood vessels, increasing blood flow and circulation, which helps reduce pain associated with strained muscles. Another benefit is an overall sense of deep relaxation and less tension throughout your body. When the heat alternates with the cold, the effects are more dramatic. 

Reduce Inflammation and Swelling

Cold stones target areas on your body where you experience inflammation and swelling to reduce both conditions. The movements of cold stone massage also stimulate lymphatic drainage, your system that flushes toxins from your body for overall rejuvenation. 

Deep Relaxation

Your registered massage therapist will adjust their massage techniques to the comfort level that provides you the greatest sense of serenity. Alternating between hot and cold temperatures on your skin puts your body and mind at ease while simultaneously making you feel refreshed and energized in the days that follow. 


What You Should Know Before You Book an Appointment


Placement of Stones

A hot and cold stone massage uses special stones to work out tension in your body and limbs. Your registered massage therapist will use the stones to massage your tight muscles, alternating between hot and cold. Your massage therapist might also place the stones in strategic places to warm up parts of your body before drawing the heat out with a follow-up cold stone.

Benefits of Hot/Cold Therapy

Combining both hot and cold in the same therapy provides an effective relief method for a range of symptoms. Hot and cold temperatures perform different benefits for the body. Cold stones can help relieve nasal congestion, reduce swelling, soothe inflammation, and help improve mobility. On the other side, hot stones are used carefully to warm-up zones of muscle tension, allowing the massage to penetrate deeper into the soft tissue. 

Benefits of Hot and Cold Stone Massage

There are many benefits to hot and cold stone massage. Clients who have arthritis or other chronic inflammatory diseases frequently feel long-lasting pain relief from a stone massage treatment. A hot and cold stone massage session also helps clients feel less stress and anxiety and more energized. Because hot and cold stone massage is beneficial to various conditions, our registered massage therapists tailor their massage to each client.

Safety and Risks

A hot and cold stone massage is a safe procedure performed by our registered massage therapists. Each individual will have a different tolerance, which is why we closely monitor your comfort level throughout the treatment. 

A hot stone massage is not recommended for anyone who is pregnant. It’s always best to consult with your physician if you’re unsure whether massage is correct for you. There are certain health conditions or circumstances that are not suited for massage therapy in general, including anyone with:

  • An open wound
  • A fractured or broken bone
  • Diabetes
  • Blood-thinning medication

If you’re making your first appointment for a hot and cold stone massage, we welcome any questions about the process and whether it is right for you. 

Hot and Cold Stone Massage FAQs 

How hot are the hot massage stones?

The temperature used in massage will depend on your tolerance. The temperature of the hot stones can range from 43°C to 54°C (110°F to 130°F). The goal is to heat the stones enough to be effective without causing any discomfort or harm. Our stone warmers are designed to carefully distribute heat and hold the stones at a set temperature, preventing them from becoming too hot for the skin.

How cold are the cold massage stones?

Cold stones are kept as cold as ice but defrost quickly when placed on your skin. The goal is to draw the heat from your body to reduce inflammation and pain without causing discomfort the way ice can to bare skin. Your registered massage therapist will monitor your comfort level throughout the process and make adjustments when needed. 


Enjoy the Benefits of Hot and Cold Stone Massage

Book your session of hot and cold stone massage therapy to enjoy this relaxing thermo-therapeutic treatment. You’ll leave our clinic feeling calm and refreshed. If you’re experiencing chronic inflammation, sinus congestion, or achy muscles, a hot and cold stone massage can give you long-desired relief.

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