Rejuvenate Mom’s Spirit: Relaxing Gift Ideas for a Blissful Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day is quickly approaching, and for all of the love, time, and care that moms give out to others, they deserve to feel peaceful and stress-free for the day. Relaxing gifts that make them feel cared for are perfect for Mother’s Day and can help you show them that they’re appreciated. 

With so many gift options, you might be struggling to come up with one that conveys how much she deserves for all that she does. Here are some soothing gift ideas for the nurturing figures in your life that they are sure to appreciate. 

Gift Ideas from Urban Massage & Wellness 

Relaxation Massage

Sore muscles and body aches can drain energy and leave anyone feeling exhausted in their day-to-day life. Knots and tense tissue from months of caring for others can be worked away by the skilled hands of a Registered Massage Therapist. A Relaxation Massage (Swedish Massage) includes a mixture of light and medium pressure to loosen up tired muscles and help mothers unwind. 

The Relaxation Massage is a lower-intensity massage that will help the client experience complete tranquility over her whole body. Benefits include reducing stress, easing muscle tension, improving circulation, and improving overall health. Let our skilled practitioners give her body and mind a blissful massage that will leave her feeling relaxed. 

Our RMTs are highly skilled in other types of massage as well. We also offer Therapeutic Massage, Pregnancy Massage, Deep Tissue Massage, and much more. View our complete list of massage modalities in the Services section of our website. 

Infrared Sauna Sessions 

Infrared saunas are known for a wide array of health benefits, making them ideal for moms looking to prioritize their mental and physical health. Great on its own or as an add-on to massage treatment, infrared sauna sessions help the body rehydrate. Infrared saunas while also reduce muscle and joint pain, increase circulation, and purify skin, all while the client relaxes comfortably. 

An infrared sauna session helps you sweat and purify the skin while enjoying the relief from muscle aches and joint pains that heat provides. Clients will also enjoy the accompanying coloured light therapy, which promotes different mood effects depending on the selected color. Mom can choose from cyan, purple, white, green, red, blue, and yellow to personalize the experience to her needs and mood

It’s hard enough for mothers to find some alone time on any day. The gift of an infrared sauna session gives them 30-45 minutes to unwind on their own before they settle back into their bustling everyday lives. 

Red Light Therapy Session 

Red Light Therapy boasts similar benefits to our infrared sauna by using near-infrared light and low levels of red to stimulate the cells within the body. Through photobiomodulation, cells are given an energy boost which helps with joint pain, muscle tension, stress and anxiety, inflammation, and skin care. Benefits also include reducing inflammation and stress while improving sleeping habits. 

On a cellular level, red light therapy induces increased collagen production, which improves skin elasticity and keeps it looking and feeling youthful. Photobiomodulation can also benefit skin conditions like psoriasis, rosacea, and eczema. 

Our medical-grade Collagentex machine ensures optimal results in a safe setting. Light is delivered efficiently and non-intrusively to the body for the client’s comfort. 

Urban Massage Gift Card 

Is mom’s busy schedule full to the brim? Give the gift of relaxation and flexibility with an Urban Massage & Wellness gift card. Let mom book a relaxation massage, infrared sauna session, red light therapy session, or any of our other services with the gift card so she can enjoy the gift of rejuvenation when it works best for her. 

Other Self-Care Gift Ideas 

Looking for the right gift to combine with the gift of relaxation? There are lots of gift ideas that mothers anywhere would enjoy receiving, including comfortable attire, cozy bedding, sweet scents, and more. 

Comfortable Loungewear 

For the mom looking to be draped in comfort, a nice pyjama set or loungewear could be the perfect gift. 

Heated or Weighted Blankets 

Heated or weighted blankets are also cozy ideas to keep mom warm and relaxed on cold nights. 


If she enjoys nice smells, essential oils for her diffuser or a candle with her favorite scents will be appreciated. 


Does Mom like to accessorize? How about some jewelry befitting her grace and elegance or in a motif that reminds you of her? 

Other Classic Ideas 

Why not book a nice brunch at her favourite restaurant or DIY by treating her to a classic breakfast in bed? Mom will be delighted to eat something delicious that you took the time to make yourself. While we’re talking about classic gifts, you can never go wrong with a bouquet of multi-coloured flowers to bring an abundance of life and freshness to her day. 

Make Mother’s Day Memorable 

A gift is the perfect way to let the mother in your life know that her efforts are appreciated and that she is loved. Massage sessions, cozy sleepwear, and calming scents are all meaningful gifts that show you are thinking of her. 

While a rejuvenating red light therapy session or a bouquet may be great gift ideas, don’t forget to spend time with her as well. Tell her how appreciative you are to have her in your life, and make sure Mother’s Day is a memorable one for her. 

If you are looking to book a therapeutic session with Urban Massage & Wellness for her, use our booking link to select a service, or contact us by phone or email if you have any questions. 

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