Discover the Benefits of Vocal Massage Therapy

Massage therapy covers a wide range of treatments for nearly every part of your body that experiences stress and tension. You’ve likely booked yourself a massage appointment to address back pain or tense shoulders or to treat an injury or joint condition, but have you ever considered massage therapy to support your vocal abilities? This specialized treatment works well to treat tension and stiffness in your upper body, shoulders, and neck.

Revitalize More Than Just Your Voice

You might only think about your voice box and the muscles and tissues that surround it if you’re a professional speaker or singer. Vocal massage therapy is a gentle massage technique that loosens up the tissues in your neck, jaw, and shoulders for optimal vocal performance. While this is the primary focus, there are other benefits to massage therapy. And you don’t need to be a performer to book this type of appointment. Let’s explore the technique of vocal massage therapy, who can benefit from this treatment, and what to expect during your session.

What Is Vocal Massage Therapy?

Vocal massage therapy (also called laryngeal massage) is a specific massage treatment that targets the muscles and tissues that surround your voice box and support your voice. The massage gently focuses on your head, neck, and shoulders to relax your upper body. Your registered massage therapist will combine traditional massage methods with myofascial release and manual lymphatic drainage to provide relief and reduce any swelling in these sensitive areas of the body.

You also have the option for a massage for your diaphragm, rib cage, and thoracic spine to address tensions in those muscles. This massage targets what is called your “belt voice” and can help you sing deeper and with more power.

Who Can Benefit from Vocal Massage?

A massage therapy like vocal massage is tailored to provide relief to a particular area of the body. This means that while it is primarily targeted towards individuals who rely on their voice, it can also benefit others with tension and body concerns in the same area.

Vocal massage therapy is a gentle massage treatment that supports your vocal abilities. This specialized treatment targets your neck, shoulders, jaw, and head.

Professional Speakers and Singers

Professional speakers, radio hosts, podcast hosts, and singers all use their voices on a regular basis. Because of this, their voice is a valuable asset that deserves care and attention. These individuals can either strain their voice from overuse or experience other stress and tension in nearby muscles that then impact their vocal abilities.

Routine vocal massage therapy sessions can help keep stress levels down, reduce tension in the surrounding tissues, and improve vocal performance. Professionals might seek treatment between important speaking engagements or tours as well as add it to their calendar for regular maintenance.

Anyone Who Uses Their Voice

You don’t need to be a professional to benefit from vocal massage therapy. Anyone who uses their voice on a regular basis, whether you’re a teacher, professor, coach, sales consultant, or participate in a community or church choir. If your voice is essential to your lifestyle, then taking care of your muscles and tissues around your voicebox will benefit your daily practices.

TMJ Disorder

Because vocal massage therapy specifically targets tension in your neck, jaw, and shoulders, individuals who suffer from TMJ disorder also find vocal massage therapy helps with their condition. Vocal massage therapy works well in combination with TMJ massage treatment techniques to leave you feeling lighter and more relaxed.

Desk Workers and Remote Workers Other Conditions

Vocal massage can also benefit those working at their desk for longer hours or remote workers. Individuals who spend long hours at their computers often experience tense neck, shoulders, chest, and head muscles.

Individuals Who Suffer from Whiplash or Migraines

Whiplash and migraines can both cause tension and discomfort in the neck, shoulders, jaw, face, and head. Anyone suffering from these conditions may find release and deep relaxation from a vocal massage appointment.

The Benefits of Vocal Massage Therapy

The primary benefit of vocal massage is your improved ability to use your voice. However, that’s not the only upside. Here are a few other benefits of booking a vocal massage therapy appointment.

Relaxed Muscles

We perform our best when we feel at ease. This requires having relaxed muscles that allow us to fall into a flow state when doing what we do best, whether that is singing on stage, presenting in front of large crowds, or spending hours meeting with clients one-on-one. Relaxed muscles let our voice ring out clearly, without restraint.

Improved Posture

People who sing or speak professionally understand the importance of good posture to access their full vocal power. Aches and pains in the shoulders and neck lead to poor posture, which in turn reduces your vocal abilities.

Stress Relief and Relaxation

Most of us perform our best when we are relieved of stress and discomfort. Vocal massage therapy helps you feel relaxed, and releases stress from your body. Less stress can also help you sleep better and feel more rested.

Other Treatments That Support Your Vocal Health

Red Light Therapy

Red light therapy pairs well with vocal massage if you’re looking for additional opportunities to rest your voice and relax your mind and body. This non-invasive treatment helps boost your immune system and reduce anxiety. Regular red light therapy sessions also help to improve your skin, reducing signs of aging, which can be an added benefit, especially if you’re a performer.

Infrared Sauna

The infrared sauna is a client favourite for finishing a massage therapy session. The heat helps relax your muscles and gives you time to meditate or refocus your thoughts before leaving our clinic. Try personalizing your sauna session with a colour that fits your mood.

Healthy Sleep Habits

Getting a good night’s sleep is important for anyone, but especially for individuals whose profession is to use their voice. The Sleep Foundation recommends adults get a minimum of seven hours of sleep to support their overall health. Incorporating massage therapy into your routine helps you relieve your stress and release healthy hormones that promote better sleep.

Vocal Massage Therapy in St. Albert

Do you use your voice on a regular basis for work or enjoyment? Book yourself a vocal massage therapy appointment with one of our registered massage therapists in St. Albert to get some relief and targeted support for your voice. Have questions? Give our office a call, and we’ll be happy to answer your concerns.

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