Rejuvenate Your Skin with Cosmetic Facial Acupuncture

Facial acupuncture is a natural cosmetic treatment that improves the look of the skin while simultaneously treating your overall health. Many clients prefer facial acupuncture over other cosmetic options, such as Botox treatments or cosmetic surgery, because it is a natural cosmetic treatment with excellent results. With the help of your acupuncturist, you can reduce the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, and acne over the course of several appointments, and with minimal side effects or risks.

What to Expect from Facial Acupuncture

How the Treatment Works

Facial acupuncture uses ultra-thin needles to create micro-traumas in the face, which helps the facial muscles relax and stimulates collagen production in the area. The treatment helps to smooth both fine lines and wrinkles, focusing on the places you identify with your acupuncturist during the initial consultation. This gentle and natural procedure will leave you feeling refreshed with a healthy glow. 

During the Appointment

Each treatment begins with a consultation where you can specify your skin concerns. During your appointment, we’ll tailor your treatment to focus on your chosen area. Each appointment includes a blend of treatments, including facial acupuncture, Gua Sha, and facial cupping massage. These treatments combine to sculpt your facial muscles, increase circulation, drain lymph nodes, reduce puffiness, and relax any facial tension. 

Balance and Flow

Cosmetic facial acupuncture focuses on improving the look and feel of your skin, but it also works to promote relaxation and balance throughout the body’s interdependent systems. During your appointment, we will use extremely fine needles (about the width of a single human hair) to relax the muscles in your face, as well as regular acupuncture needles to help relax your neck and shoulders. Focusing on your face and body helps promote an even flow of chi throughout your body. 

The Process for Cosmetic Facial Acupuncture in St. Albert

Initial Cosmetic Acupuncture Visit

During your first cosmetic facial acupuncture visit, we’ll start off by completing a skin analysis with you. We’ll ask if you have any concerns or areas of your skin that you’d like us to focus on, such as laugh lines, frown lines, or nasal lines. Once the consultation portion is done, we’ll begin the treatment plan with an initial facial acupuncture session and a Gua Sha massage. 

Treatment Appointments

We generally recommend treatments once, weekly, for 6-12 weeks to ensure you experience the greatest benefits and noticeable results from the treatment. The combined stimulation of your face and body will balance your skin from the inside out. Your facial muscles will feel deeply relaxed, giving you a natural glow and a smoother complexion. 

Cosmetic Facial Acupuncture Follow-Up

Once your 6-12-week treatment is over, you can maintain that fresh-faced glow with follow-up facial acupuncture appointments that keep your skin feeling bright, tight, and looking healthier.  We’ll also check in during each subsequent appointment to see if your skin goals have changed. If so, we’ll adjust our treatment to reflect those differences.   

Facial Rejuvenation Follow-Up 

When you visit us for a follow-up facial acupuncture appointment, you can also choose to feel extra rejuvenated by adding on a mask treatment. Choose from various luxurious gel masks to suit your needs. Once your mask treatment is done, we’ll use the remaining gel during the Gua Sha massage for a relaxing facial experience. 

*Please note that this is not a traditional facial and does not include steaming or extractions.

The Benefits of Cosmetic Facial Acupuncture

Reduce Fine Lines and Wrinkles

Cosmetic facial acupuncture focuses on reducing the fine lines and wrinkles in your face. The treatment also boosts the body’s natural collagen production to give you smooth, youthful skin from your very first treatment. 

Minimal to No Side Effects

Cosmetic facial acupuncture is a natural process that uses super-fine needles to massage your facial tissues. There are no chemicals involved, meaning you’ll see rejuvenated skin without the side effects of other cosmetic treatments. 

Healing Both Inside and Out

The science of acupuncture heals the body both visibly and internally. By using micro-trauma, your facial muscles will enjoy deep relaxation, leaving your skin refreshed with a healthy glow from within. 

Treat Acne and Reduce Visible Scars

Cosmetic facial acupuncture treats and tightens the skin on your face, and it also helps prevent facial acne from developing. Facial acupuncture can also help reduce the visibility of acne scars by tightening your skin and reducing redness and puffiness. 

More than Cosmetic 

Facial acupuncture focuses on the health of your skin and face, but it also promotes health throughout your body. Facial acupuncture can help reduce stress, problems with posture, and even jaw or neck pain. 

What You Should Know Before You Book an Appointment

No Makeup

We recommend that our clients do not wear makeup to their facial acupuncture appointments. Wearing makeup can diminish the effectiveness of the treatment and stress the skin. 


If you are pregnant, cosmetic facial acupuncture is contraindicated.

Combining With Other Procedures

We recommend waiting six weeks after having dermal fillers or Botox before booking cosmetic facial acupuncture. Both treatments can work well together when timed correctly, but be sure to ask your therapist. 

Potential Bruising

Just like needles on other parts of the body, there is always a risk of bruising. Since cosmetic acupuncture is focused on the face, we take extra steps to prevent bruising, but it’s possible that tenderness and bruising can still occur. 

Facial Acupuncture FAQs

Q – How many facial acupuncture treatments do you recommend?

A – Initially, we recommend treatments once or twice weekly for a total of 6-12 treatments, depending on your age, lifestyle, and goals for the treatments. Then we recommend visiting us once every 4-8 weeks for follow-up treatments to maintain your healthy skin glow. 

Q – What lifestyle factors can determine the effectiveness of facial acupuncture?

A – Facial acupuncture focuses on treating the root causes of premature aging. Several lifestyle factors can also contribute to the effectiveness of the treatment, including, but not limited to:

  • Smoking
  • Dehydration
  • Stress
  • Lack of sleep
  • Diet

Q – How long will it take until I see the results?

A – Subtle changes are visible in as little as one treatment, and most patients see more noticeable, long-lasting results between three and five visits. 

Q – Is cosmetic facial acupuncture safe during pregnancy?

A – No. Cosmetic Facial Acupuncture is not safe during pregnancy. 

Q – Do the needles hurt?

A – No. At most, the needles create pressure or a sense of discomfort. The atmosphere of our clinic is designed to help you feel calm and relaxed during all treatments. And the more you relax during the acupuncture, the less you’ll feel the needles. 

Q – Is cosmetic acupuncture covered by extended benefits? 

A – Yes, if acupuncture is available under your plan, then cosmetic acupuncture is also included. 

Q – Can I combine cosmetic facial acupuncture with another acupuncture treatment?

A – Cosmetic facial acupuncture is a thorough treatment process that requires its own appointment time. If you need another treatment, we’ll be happy to schedule you another appointment

Q – How is facial acupuncture different from other types of acupuncture?

A – Facial acupuncture is a method of acupuncture treatment that focuses on healing the facial muscle and tissue. Like other forms of acupuncture, facial acupuncture uses fine acupuncture needles to help release tension in the muscles. Facial acupuncture needles are much shorter and thinner than typical acupuncture needles (only about the width of a single human hair). They are inserted into the facial tissue to spark collagen production and blood flow and release tension. 

Q – What is Gua Sha?

A – Gua Sha is a technique of scraping facial skin to help improve circulation and blood flow. We use a special, smooth massage tool to achieve noticeable results. 

Want to hear more? Listen to what our clients are saying about cosmetic facial acupuncture: 

I have been seeing Jenna for acupuncture facial treatments. The difference is incredible! Jenna has actually changed the shape and balance of my face. My fine lines are greatly reduced, the frown line that had started to be permanent is gone, and my skin is brighter and tighter. I highly recommend this treatment – it’s also incredibly relaxing and stress-relieving. Plus, the rooms at Urban Massage & Wellness are calming, the music is always nice, and I nearly fall asleep on the table every time.

  • Danielle, Google Review

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