Traditional Chinese Foot Massage

The ancient healing art of Chinese foot massage has been around for thousands of years, originating in China, Egypt, and India. Chinese foot massage combines rubbing and kneading massage techniques with reflexology treatments to promote healing in the feet, legs, and whole body. This holistic massage modality is rooted in the teachings of traditional Chinese medicine (TCM), which suggests that good health begins in the feet. As taught in TCM, energy flows continuously through the body, connecting every organ, system, and tissue from head to toe.  

Chinese Foot Massage Benefits


Effective Massage Therapy for Your Feet 

If you spend a lot of time on your feet, whether it be in comfortable shoes, work boots, or high heels, you’ll likely experience strain in your feet. A deep-tissue foot massage can help relieve muscle tension and soreness on any part of the foot. By applying pressure to different parts of your feet, a massage therapist can identify pressure points and use foot reflexology techniques to hit those points and relieve tension throughout the body. 

Improve Vital Energy Flow Through the Body 

 Chinese foot massage is rooted in the TCM teachings of reflexology, acupuncture, and acupressure. According to reflexology practices, working with acupressure points on the feet and hands can offer many health benefits. When attention is given to the feet, the whole body feels the impact as every organ and system is connected through these pressure points. For example, during your appointment, your massage therapist will apply pressure to the toes because the toes are thought to connect to the brain, neck, and sinuses. 

Focusing an entire massage therapy appointment on your feet provides a holistic way of treating pain and tension throughout the body. Chinese foot massage helps stimulate circulation and blood flow to promote healing energy from the bottom of your feet to the top of your head.  

Treat Sports Injuries with Chinese Foot Massage 

It’s no secret that athletes and sports enthusiasts spend a lot of time on their feet, but if you are an active individual and don’t intentionally take care of your body, you might find yourself experiencing muscle pain, joint stiffness, and tension aches from head to toe. Chinese foot massage offers similar benefits as sports massages in that they work to improve foot flexibility, range of motion, arch support and more. Booking a Chinese foot massage on its own or in combination with a sports massage can help you get back on your feet sooner. 

What Is a Chinese Foot Massage? 

How the Treatment Works 

When you visit Urban Massage & Wellness for a Chinese foot massage, your dedicated massage therapist will discuss your reason for visiting and what you hope to achieve with a foot massage. Your treatment will be personalized to suit your preferences. Whether you are looking to treat a foot injury, soothe sore muscles, or simply want to pamper yourself, a Chinese foot massage will help you achieve your goals. 

During the Appointment

Before your foot massage begins, you’ll sit back and relax while your feet soak in a herbal foot bath with rose petals. While your feet are in the water for fifteen to twenty minutes, your massage therapist will offer a complimentary neck, shoulder, back, and arm massage. Once your feet are finished soaking, you will lie down and get comfortable for your Chinese foot massage. Your therapist may incorporate hot stones to alleviate aches and pains during your foot massage.

What to Expect Post-treatment

After your Chinese foot massage, you should feel relaxed, relieved, and rejuvenated. You may experience some post-treatment tenderness depending on the level of pressure your massage therapist applied, which can be remedied with a hot bath and Epsom salts for roughly twenty minutes or so when you get home that day. 

What You Should Know Before You Book an Appointment 

Wear Appropriate Clothing 

Since your clothes will stay on during your Chinese foot massage, we recommend wearing shorts, capris or pants that can be pushed up to the knee to create an efficient and comfortable experience for both you and your massage therapist. 

We also encourage you to wear a t-shirt, tank top, or strapless shirt so you can make the most of your complimentary upper body massage at the beginning of your appointment, but if you prefer to keep your skin covered up, this is not necessary. 

Safety and Risks

Chinese foot massage is a very low-risk treatment, but please discuss any pre-existing health conditions, injuries or circumstances that may affect your massage with your therapist either when you book your appointment or when you arrive. If you have any open sores or lesions on your feet, we kindly ask that you refrain from booking a Chinese foot massage until they are fully healed for the health and safety of you and our massage therapist. 

Chinese Foot Massage FAQs


Can I wear socks during a Chinese foot massage? 

We would prefer that you go barefoot, not only because of the pre-massage foot soak but also because your massage therapist can accurately reach acupressure points. Massaging your bare foot also makes it easier to massage over the delicate foot bones without causing discomfort. 

How can a Chinese foot massage help my headaches?

According to TCM, your foot is the root of good health. It is said that your toes are connected to your brain, neck, and sinuses, which is why applying pressure and massaging the feet can contribute to tension relief for frequent headaches and migraines.  

How often should I come in for a Chinese foot massage?

Chinese foot massages are quite versatile, so whether you are looking to soothe sore muscles, relieve joint pain, or reduce stress, your massage therapist will communicate with you to determine how often you should come back for repeat appointments after your first foot massage. 

Book a Chinese Foot Massage in St. Albert

If an authentic Chinese foot massage rooted in traditional Chinese medicine practices piques your interest, consider booking an appointment at Urban Massage and Wellness in St. Albert! We proudly offer many authentic, holistic massage therapy services to address your personal healthcare needs. 



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